High School English

September 16

This morning I demonstrated how to login to GrammarBook.com and find your very own student account.  To access the quizzes I have put in your folder, enter your first initial and last name (lowercase, no spaces) and the 4-digit number I gave you for your password.  You will have two quizzes to complete, and your scores will be sent to me.  These must be completed by next week, as part of your homework.

Are social networking sites good for our society?

Well, are they?

In class we developed a list of “benefits” and “detriments” to social networking. Rewrite that list with at least five points for each side. This is your “brainstorming list” which you will keep in your notebook; however, I will ask to see it next week. Then, choose two claims on opposite sides of the argument – two benefits and two detriments – and think about how you might support them with specific evidence. This evidence must come from your own personal schema (background knowledge), so don’t do any research. Here is a link to a worksheet that might help you know how to organize your thoughts, although I think the paper itself doesn’t give you enough room to write on. Use it if you wish, or make your own.

Social Networking ex 1,2

Finally, read “Facebook & Bebo” and answer questions below. Please write in complete sentences.

Facebook and Bebo

  1. Who is the author of this article? Where did this article appear?
  2. Define these terms (you may use a dictionary or online resource): infantilizing, sensationalism, empathize, attention-deficit disorder.
  3. Who is Lady Greenfield? Does she appear credible? Explain?
  4. Lady Greenfield (from now on, she will be “LG”) expresses several points against social networking. List three of them.
  5. According to LG, how do social network sites put attention span in jeopardy?
  6. How is playing a computer game to rescue the princess different than reading a book about a princess who needs to be rescued?
  7. How do social networking sites erode our identity?
  8. Overall, what is LG’s main concern about social networking sites? What do you think about her opinion?



September 9

You survived your first day of high school English, didn’t you?  Yes.  Now to work!

First, linked below are the two handouts I gave you in class today, just in case yours disappear.

MLA Style Guidelines for English Papers

High School English Expectations

As for homework, it is twofold:

1. Write a fat paragraph explaining the difference between a “basic essay” and a “research paper.”  I discussed this with you in class, and you took notes.  Use your notes to refresh your memory, and simply explain the difference to me, following all of the formatting rules (look at the handout).

YES.  You need a rough draft, edited, and a final draft.

A fat paragraph is 10-15 sentences long, with a clear topic sentence, details or examples in the middle, and a clear clincher sentence.  Grammar, spelling and punctuation count, as always.  See the check sheet, linked here, to know how I will grade your paper.

Fat Paragraph Check Sheet

2.  Read little Bethany Tugan’s research paper, “The Blame Game” which I gave you in class today.  (I cannot link it here, so if you were absent I will give you a copy when I see you and this assignment can wait until then.) Answer these questions about it, on your own notebook paper:

a. How long is this paper?  Pages?  Paragraphs?  Words (take a guess)?

b. Estimate the font size.  Is it the same throughout?

c.  What is the writer’s thesis statement?  Copy it onto your paper.

d. According to the author, what are the “basic flaws” in our immigration system?

e. What is the author’s stated position on immigration?

f. Who wrote “Immigration Benefits America”?

g. Was the quote from Patrick Buchanan in print or electronic?

h. When was The Economist published online?

And, that’s all for this week.

August 15, 2014

Dear Future High School English Students,

Summer is waning,

Our hours be few,

‘Tis but a moment,

And then I’ll see you.

Fortunately, though, poetry is not among our topics for the new year.  Research paper writing is, so play hard these last three weeks –you’ll be working hard come September 9.

I look forward to our year together!  You’ll need The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Strauss (if you have this from last year, you do NOT need a new copy.)

Mrs. B